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    Hi, My name is Keith. Iím originally from the East Midlands but I presently live in Edinburgh. Iíve been thinking about making a CNC machine for over 10 years and finally got round to it - now there is more help and information about it on the WWW.

    Iím planning to build a 3-axis gantry machine to work hard-woods. At the moment Iím undecided whether to have a fixed or moving gantry so Iím considering a gantry subassembly and Iíll add bearings or feet to the sides when I make my mind up.

    Iíve taught myself G-code, CAD and CAM and researched machines and stepper-motors etc. I havenít started building yet but thatís next. I donít have a workshop so Iíll need to get some subassemblies built for me. But before that I want to prove to myself that I can make g-code programs that work how I want them.

    I use GNU/Linux only on my computers. I have QCAD by Ribbonsoft and that is fine but itís only 2D so Iíll need to edit the G-code a little so it works as 3D (this is something to do next as well). I use EMC2 machine control software which has a machine simulator for me to test the G-code programs.

    At the moment the programs produced by the CAD-CAM package cut in a strange order so this is also something to sort out next. I started on that and improved them but something else cropped up. So many things to sort out. If Iíd known at the beginning I might not have got started but I am making progress. At the moment, the learning curve feels vertical.

    Iím pleased to find a UK site geared to UK needs.

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    Hi Zephyr, welcome to MYCNCUK. Please take the time to view the FAQ section for answers to questions you may have, if your building a new machine be sure to start a new build log detailing your progress !

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