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  1. generally when working with Eagle I try to avoid specific parts for passive components unless there is a good reason. for resistors i generally use the library template for a generic 1/4w metal film which gives a suitable hole spacing. otherwise you can waste hours trying to match manufacturers parts to the library....

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    when i first started with eagle I used to search for hours trying to find the right library part....being of a lazy ilk - rather than face the time consuming effort that creating n Eagle part from scratch is - it occurred to me, there are only so many tranny/IC/passive packages in exsitence, so there's likely to be an eagle part for a totally different named part out there that fits the need.

    That first part you mention....Recom R-788 0-1.0 ...from the datasheet, it's a regulator with 0.1" pitch leg spacing? So I googled the most common regulator on the planet a 780x regulator...and sure enough it's 0.1" pitch & has the same pin layout (pin 1 in, pin 2 ground, pin 3 output) you can be lazy too & just use a 7809 on your schem! (you might want to double check my lightning googling research on this ...can't be held responsible for your pcb not working blah blah!)
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