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    This is a brand new Gecko G540 with full warranty, and the heatsink option mounted featuring Arctic Silver 5 thermal Epoxy.

    This heatsink package is easily over $30 after you purchase the heatsinks, and the Arctic Silver epoxy.

    Save yourself the time and money for this turnkey solution.

    New Gecko G540 Controller Rev 8 with Arctic Silver 5 Mounted Heatsink | eBay

    International Shipping Welcome. Please message me for pricing.

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    The G540 can reach temperatures of 200 degrees, and these units should be used on any Gecko in an enclosure to prevent overheating.
    About time they designed something more suitable then ?
    John S -

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    Actually I designed it cause these systems shouldn't be sold without it. It certainly beats the $74 they want from Gecko.

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    Guess that's Farenheight then not Celsius.


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    Quote Originally Posted by russell View Post
    Guess that's Farenheight then not Celsius.


    Exactly. The strange part is no one offers the Gecko with the heatsink installed, yet if it reaches past 200 degrees farenheit the unit can be destroyed.

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