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    Hi everyone.

    I have nearly finished wiring my first CNC control cabinet, I have used 7/0.2 cable for the 5 volt supply, but when I came to wiring up the Motors (I have 3 Nema 23's) I had a thought, the voltage is higher (36 volt) so what size cable do i need for the motors to the Driver boards? and do i need to shield them, if yes i can i do this simply?



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    The voltage doesn't matter. I'ts the current that determines the size of the wires. 7/0.2 is rated at 1.4 Amps so is a bit light for your motors. It does depend on the motor rating which could be up to about 3 A depending on the exact model. I would go for at least 16/0.2.

    Screening should not be needed within the cabinet provided you keep the input signal wires away from the motor wires.


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