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    I was trawling the CPC site for PCD prototype and saw this 5D300

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    Its probably been discussed at some point , but I thought if they do have some stock it may be a very good way of starting a project to see if you actually like CNC's lol ? Plus hell if your only ever going to make a few prototype PCBs why would you want to spend any more :) yes and before you say it I know itís says itís just a drilling machine, not sure it could be adapted to do the full PCB .. but I thought I would share anyway .

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    Hi fivetide. Milford Instruments have been making kits for this type of machine for years now, I considered getting one, and for a starter project they look good value. From memory no lead screws, just a cord to move the axis, but i feel sure that it can be used to engrave pcb tracks as well as drill. This must be a good, interesting project for schools etc. Thanks for posting (nice trip down memory lane). G.

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