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    Could anyone recommend a good place to buy a CNC machine in the UK with a budget at most 2k?

    Many thanks


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    What sort of size & what are you intending to cut with it, if you are looking for a new machine then you are probably going to struggle with that sort of budget.

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    Martin is probably right about struggling with your budget, but it really does depend on what machine size you want and what you intend to use it for. You may decide to look for a used model and ebay is probably the best starting place, although a "wanted" request on this site could well prove worthwhile. If looking on ebay, be wary of any machine in a remote location especially if offering "free delivery". I recently "won" an auction for a machine that did not exist!!! Since then I bought a large machine (ebay again) and am very pleased with it so far (now have to repair it). Good luck and keep looking - I think CNC machines are better than sliced bread. G.

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