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    Wasting your time Chaz if you are running a business, on the volume that Bazzer wants you shouldn't be able to get close in price if your charging properly, material costs will be higher, filament v pellets & it will take far more time for the job as well, once the mold is made an injection molding machine will spit out 1000 of these in no time.
    Only reason I mentioned printing to start with was because I thought Bazzer was looking for a one off which would make injection molding very expensive with the cost of a mold.
    On small quantities & prototyping then yes printing is probably far cheaper than injection molding but not on large volumes.
    Agreed, I just wanted to see how well I could make the part. Ive seen what it is - not complex but yes, unlikely to print 1000's even on my larger CM1 'el monstro' printer ...

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    These fellas are very good.

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