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    Dave, last week when you posted pictures of your build, and thought what a neat build, hang on, that looks like mine. Well done for getting so far. I'm still nowhere. At this rate of I'm hoping to find time after July once I tell everyone else to bugger of, no more favors.

    How did you get the ali parts machined? Yourself or by someone. Have you tried cutting yet? if so, how does the L gantry hold up to the forces?


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    Iwant1, it has sucked up a big percentage of my spare time this year, but as my ball and chain cleared off a few years ago telling everyone to bugger off wasnt a problem.
    I only got it moving with the spindle attached last sunday and have only v carved a small test peice in wood so havent loaded it up yet.
    lots of bits to tidy up, fit some energy chain (maybe make some) for the cables, buy a 75v power supply ect ect (will it ever be actually finished !! i already have plans in my head to iron out all the cock ups i made)
    All the ally parts were cut with my first creation the "MDF specia"l although i had bought a 2.2kw spindle for it before i tried to cut ali (see pics) very very very slowly...... 0.5mm deep passes
    As i have 4 days off this weekend i will be doing some test runs to load it up a bit, do some calibration and test its repeatability.
    On full extention of the z axis the L gantry was rocking at the rear of the L below the Y axis ballscrew so for now i have just drilled a tapped a M6 socket cap through the bottom of the L into the main X axis brearing mounting block.
    But all in all i am realy pleased how it has turned out and the speed and accuracy is astounding compared with my first creation
    Apart form my "MDF special" i used only used a small pillar drill, hand tools, and a "evolution" sliding mitre saw (that will cut through 20mm ali) all done in a 7 foot square shed
    Keep plugging on with your build its well worth it in the end
    let me know if i can help in any way

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    Hi Pilot Tom: I also started with a drill press and a miter saw. I added a metal cutting blade to it, purchased files, transfer punchers, taps, transfer screw sets and looked for already made parts that had hole patterns (2, 4, 6, etc, to transfer the hole patterns to my parts and using the screw transfer sets to join them together). I also purchased a 90 degree angle plate, a machinist square, vernier calipers and clamps. with patience and a good plan you can make your machine. Take care.

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