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    OK, here's my dilemma: absolute maximum distance from motor shaft centre to Z dovetail is 90mm. It looks a bit touch and go whether or not a 90 frame motor will fit. According to THIS thread, which is an almost identical machine, they used a 1.1kW 2-pole motor with an 80 frame size and report that it only *just* fits. As said by Jonathan earlier in this thread, a 4-pole motor will give better torque but will have to be run up to 100hz to get the desired speed of around 2800RPM. But I can't find a 1.1kW 4-pole motor with a frame size less than 90...

    So, assuming I use an 80 frame size, would I be better off using a 2-pole 1.1kW OR downsizing to a 0.75kW 4-pole? Or can anyone provide a link to a 1.1kW 4-pole in an 80 frame size?

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    Just spoke to my motor supplier.
    You can get 4 pole in 80 frame at 1.1Kw, if you move to 2 Pole you can go up to 1.5kw
    They don't have them but about 3 days lead time.

    You need to talk to Martin at M&R Controls 01773 875795
    John S -

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    Thank you John. The 2 pole 1.5kW might be a nice solution as it means 2800RPM without running the motor at twice its rated frequency.

    As a man with experience of these machines, what would you normally choose?

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    Hi there birchy, I am planing to do the same thing to my WM16 (fed up with changing brushes) but am thinking about keeping the 2 speed gearbox but replacing them with steel gears to give me a degree of backgear. The primary drive will be by toothed belt I think. Have you come across ant major problems with your conversion?

    Regards Mark P.

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    If you have money to burn you can go the AC servo route and get 1.65Kw in a 85mm square flange motor and you will have more power than you will need on that small machine.


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