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    Hi, I am looking at buying a 24v psu to run the safety / emergency circuit on my cnc router. Any recommendations? There's loads on eBay but what is the correct amp to go for?

    Same question for the 5v supply for the bob.

    I will be building my 70v psu to run the drivers / motors, is it worth making the 24v psu or isn't easier / more cost effective to buy one?


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    The currents required for the breakout board, and 24V for other bits, are generally low so around an amp would be fine. It's best to work it out properly though - exactly what are you connecting to the 24V circuit? Relays?
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    Thanks guys,
    The 24v system will be running 4 limit switches, 4 home switches (also acting as limit switches), 2 e-stops, running lamp and relays to cut the power to the 70v motor system.

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    Should probably start a new post for this, but on my home made 70v psu / transformer should there be an earth wire connected or will it be earthed via the metal cabinet? What do people normally mount the components on to?
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