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    Hi all.

    I'm looking to purchase a CNC router sometime over the next few months and I would like some advice if possible.

    I'm looking to purchase a CNC area with a cutting area of approx 4'x4'. I would love an 8'x4' but I would be left with little to no workshop space left.

    I'll mostly be cutting wood and plastic sheets so I don't need something with massive Z travel but it would be nice to have a decent amount of travel in case I need it.

    Budget is approx 5-6k, I'm hoping I can get something that's quality and suits my needs for that amount.

    I would prefer to buy something new and from a UK supplier in case I need after sales support and for spare parts etc.

    I've been having a bit of a search and I've found a few machines so far:

    [Routout Z90 XL]

    [Marchant Dice 4x4RACKPIN1]

    There is also the [RoboCutters EagleIV CNC Machine 600x900mm] although it's much smaller than what I would ideally like.

    I found and old thread about the Routout CNCs [here] and a not so favourable review of the larger 8'x4' Marchant Dice machine [here].

    Does anyone have any experience with any of these machines?

    Are there any other companies I should be looking at?

    Thanks for your time.

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    Personally, I would look for a used machine from a major manufacturer. Your budget would probably find you a decent machine if you bide you time. I've never liked the look of the marchant dice machines, but never owned one. I know if you search their site everything is way more expensive than anywhere else. I've opted to build my own machine and this has had its merits and downfalls, however, if you have the time and inclination then you can build a machine thats perfect for your requirements. There are plenty of build logs on this forum to help you on your way.

    If you search the popular auction site, you will more than likely find a few machines.

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