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    Hmmmm hadn't though about that. Should be powering both windings in parallel then?
    If we're just using it as a load, since it doesn't look like we can get useful information from the other phase, then yes I tend to agree. Also you wouldn't get rated power with just one phase energized.

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    Maybe, but a dropping weight and pulley is easy to calibrate
    Yep, could even use dropping a weight to calibrate the other system.
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    It's great seeing you two "talking dirty" with one another again

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    Just spotted something interesting...

    I measured the back-emf voltage from the 3.1Nm stepper motor at 1200rpm and it's 66 volts, so using those numbers k=0.525 Vs/rad. The unit Vs/rad is dimensionally equivalent to Nm/A ... i.e the 'torque constant' of the motor, so we can use this to find the torque for a given phase current. Rated phase current is 4.2A, so for both phases T=2^0.5*4.2*0.525=3.12Nm. That matches the holding torque specification rather nicely, so maybe this could be a simple way to find the rated torque of stepper motors. Or more usefully, use the formula for phase current (something like i(t)=V/R-(V/R-I)*e^(-t/(L/R))) multiply by k to get torque as a function of time then integrate to get the mean torque and then the torque vs speed curve for the motor. I think this should be more accurate than the usual approximation.
    Yea i would have to agree with what he said....because i don't have a clue....what he just said....

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    It's great seeing you two "talking dirty" with one another again
    Agreed, all we need now is the shaft size equations to come into it...


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