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    Hello, I am Steve.

    I do signs and was looking last Tuesday on Ebay for a desktop cnc machine, I was veered away from the cheap stuff by the folks on cnczone, so the following Wednesday I spied this for 1000
    this is the ebay pic.

    Me either, not very desk-top at all!!!! I had no idea what is was, so I drove the million miles to stafford and bought it. I left at 11am, and was back home for 1.30am with half of it in my car

    this was inside it, a isel techno FB2, so I though that was cool - still the current model!!
    only realise now that the motors are no good as they are the old round ones, and also someone has tried to fit a 6 wire motor to the x axis, but didn't finish it.

    anyways first order is to fit new motors and buy the drivers and bob and psu.
    want to get this set.
    but I think I want it usb or LAn on the break out board.
    nema 23's are fitted to this machine standard, and they have to fit into the housings, need the outer wheels though.

    so the plan is to buy that , then get myself some mach4 when it comes out and run it on a windows8 tablet,
    still trying to understand the 8 wire series or parrallel/ bi-p[olar stuff.
    thetechno manual says they wire the motors in bipolar parallel, for max torque and speed, but I don't understand that at all, as I have never had a cnc machine.
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