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    Hi guys,
    I am hoping to build a hobby cnc router and wondered what the best plans are and where do I get them? This will be a first attempt.
    I would like to cut hardwoods and maybe a little aluminium with a travel around 700mm.

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    Mr Crazy Horse,

    Joes CNC is very highly rated

    Or have a look at these

    The above are just two free plans available.

    I bought my plans from Solsylva and they were worth every penny, very comprehensive but I decided to use them more for research and ideas rather than to build from.

    Lots out there, this site will give you some good pointers.

    Regards, Jeff.
    Nothing is foolproof......to a sufficiently talented fool!

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    Quote Originally Posted by crazy horse View Post
    Hi thanks for that. Gives me lots of good info to get on with. Looking at Joe's CNC, I think it might be a little complex for my first attempt. I lack the tools to manufacture those complex shapes. Once I have my first CNC in the bag I will have lots of fun.
    I had hoped to purchase a small machine first but I cannot find one.
    If you are looking for a ready built or full kit machine then Marchant Dice do one although I can't comment on the quality/performance, it looks quite good.

    There are quite a few kits out there and Lee, the owner of the board is building a Rockliffe, I'm sure he could put you in touch with whoever he gets his bits from.

    All depends on what you want to cut, size and the real killer, how much do you want to spend.

    Regards, Jeff.
    Nothing is foolproof......to a sufficiently talented fool!

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    Quote Originally Posted by crazy horse View Post
    Thanks once again. I think if I can somehow find the patience, I am capable of building one. Though it will definately be a challenge.
    The Rockcliff design seems to be well quoted and possibly the easiest?.
    I particuarly like Lee Roberts build log.
    Did you manage to see a CNC router before you embarked on building one? I was hoping some vendor would have a showroom type thing. I have found one in South Wales but thats a little far for me.
    Some of the links on the marchantdice site won't work so I have emailed them for a quote. I suspect it will be a little too much for me and I will need to jump in to a build.

    Do you have a video of your machine? ( I ask before investigating you posts as I am about to do)
    This is the video that kicked off my interest in CNC


    I had been planning on building my own RC submarine and wanted some ideas for making the molds for the watertight chamber end caps and stumbled on the above, downhill fast on the submarine front from there :)

    As Skittles says, you cannot go wrong with the solsylva plans. They are very comprehensive and you can build a machine that is tough as old boots and accurate too with stuff you can buy mostly from B&Q.

    Cruise Youtube and search for things like "DIY CNC" or "homemade CNC router". You will get some good ideas of how these things go together and they can be as simple or complicated as you like. Some like to build everything including the electronics, some like to build only the machine and buy the electronics (like me), some pay another CNC builder to cut the material for them and so on. You don't have to do all the work yourself and there is tons of friendly advice available right here in MYCNCUK.

    Sorry, I don't have video of my machine yet. It is in two parts, the working part that does the cutting and a support steelwork which will need to be built in the place it will live as it is too heavy to move easily. I'd really like to do the video once I have it all complete and painted up (soon I hope).

    I'll be adding to my build log again soon.

    Regards, Jeff.
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    Nothing is foolproof......to a sufficiently talented fool!

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    Quote Originally Posted by skittles View Post
    I bought the cheapest of the cheap router tables on ebay, complete waste of money.
    I could clamp my router to an icecream tub and it would still be better - Never again will I buy the absolute cheapest!

    Cheaper tools are also generally harder to use, less accurate, and in some cases (Table saws) more dangerous (/ scary ;))!

    Regarding "I assume you have tried one and don't rate them?"
    Are you referring to scroll saws or bandsaws?

    The scheppach basato 1 bandsaw screwfix sell doesn't look too bad I think.


    I've had the Basato 3 for five years now and unless things have drastically changed, they are very good bandsaws indeed. The only problem and it can be a biggie, is the blade guides can be an absolute devil to get set up correctly and constantly lose tracking unless checked. I suppose you could always change out the guides for a bearing or wear block type. Although it it a presses steel fabrication, it is very robust and the cast table is very nice.

    Tools I used most on my build:
    1 Pillar Drill
    2 Pillar drill
    3 Pillar drill
    4 Battery drill
    5 Table/mitre saw (I have a de-Walt flip over, nice!)
    6Taps, dies and Forstner bits.
    7 Welder
    8 Planer to polish up the PVC edges after sawing.

    It is surprising how few tools you can get away with.

    Regards, Jeff.
    Nothing is foolproof......to a sufficiently talented fool!

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    Quote Originally Posted by crazy horse View Post

    I do not have the tools to cut complex shapes or Aluminium so I thought the rockcliff design may have been the easiest?
    comments suggest this might not be the case though.
    I will be hoping not to be welding any time soon either.( I was off that day).
    The easiest and probably cheapest way is following the videos on buildyourcnc.com. All parts can be bought from b&q(not including electronics). This can then be used to build a neater machine.

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    I have bought the Solsylva plans from the States to build the 25x25 design scaled up to 37x25. The plans are very comprehensive and excellent value for money. Also, there are lots of people (see www.cnczone.com) who have built from these plans and report good results.

    Now if only the parts where as cheap here as they are in the States!



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