Optimize parameters for mills with tips


Thank you for entering in my post

How important is optmizining paremeters for mill with tips?

We assume we have a 50mm cutter on the same pass (same plunging depth, same spindle speed)

If we machine this pass with a feed of 800mm/revolution rather than 1600mm/rev (optimized)

Can we say that we are not only taking double time to do the same job but we are also wearing the tips?

I remeber that the supplier of the tips normaly gives you the contact time (the actual time that the tips can be used to take material off) and after that you should change them or at least checking them to see if they can do more than that

Can we say that optimizing paremeters saves time and tips ?

Any suggestion according his matter will be very appreciative

Tnank you in advance for your help