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    Hi, I was at premier in Nottingham a month or so ago and saw what I think was a used small fixed gantry hiding in the corner. I think it may have needed some work to get it going, but I would suggest it would be worth a call to Collin (forum member) to see if he wants to sell it. G.

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    Thanks I'll follow that up

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    I have one of those spindles on my 3020 and it works fine for PCBs. I just measured between the thread the collet nut screws onto and the silver top end of the motor and got 2.4 ohms.

    My spindle has had less than 5 hours use and I'm looking to sell it soon. I can confirm they are fairly quiet.

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    Hank i think the fans are just air movers rather than cooling if you know what i mean? you could suspend a vacuum unit over the top clearing the mess and cooling at the same time :-)
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    Well asbo's spindle arrived in the post expected the bracket mount holes didn't align with my machine's Z axis, so an adapter/ bracket was quickly knocked up & it's all mounted now.

    First impessions are favourable.

    I can confirm that asbo isn't going doolalley.... ie there's no continuity between the chassis/casing & the shaft I'll look at lashing something up as a kludge, because putting a croc clip on the spindle shaft for every tool change is gonna get old very quick!

    I've already removed the top fan & spindle is indeed whisper quiet so quiet you have to double take whether the thing is even on! (& I typically only use my spindle for 10 minute sessions & whilst it got warm over 10 mins, it didn't get scorchio).

    Changing tools on these things is a ballsache vs my proxxon (which uses a tommy bar to stop the shaft turning)....also, even with the nut loosened, you have to continue loosening a fair bit more just to get the tool to finally release, it feels like you have to be an octopus....need to mull this aspect too!
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    Bugger about the continuity Hank, why not just add another bearing to the top to connect off? Got me wondering what the differences are between all these spindle. Might pop mine ope over the weekend and have a look inside.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Swarfing View Post
    Bugger about the continuity Hank, why not just add another bearing to the top to connect off?.
    That'd be the best way - but I don't have any bearing & it'd need to be a press (firm) fit - heaven knows where I'd get one of those the meantime, I fashioned a heath robinson arrangement...

    ....yes that green material is acrylic! - I don't have a strong enough machine to mill aluminium ...and besides, there ain't gonna much stress on this particular part. It was quite an ordeal to get right, there are only two screws at the top of the spindle (they run the whole length down through the spindle, so I had to piggy back that makeshift bracket off those two screw holes, which for the record, on this spindle are 41mm between centres!!)

    & which will ultimately hold a spring loaded test probey/pointy thing (which I have in abundance), & look a bit like this....

    & hopefully press down on the centre of the spindle shaft! (thereby allowing me to attach ground to the tool tip)
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    Whats the shaft diameter at the top? i might have a bearing or two knocking about that should fit.
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    My digital calipers are playing up (pah, that's LIDL for you ....must get a new one asap!), but I reckon the shaft protuding out the top is about 8mm dia. (eg I have an oldham coupler that's got an 8mm bore & that fitted onto the top shaft very snugly).

    So how does this normally work? .....presumably a bog standard 8mm ID bearing will fit over the shaft, but it won't be a press fit (whereas the original fan that came fitted was a press fit & actually took some prizing off!)...& presumably I'll need a press fit here? (at this point, I'm hoping 'press fit' is the right were the bearing doesn't just slide on, but needs to be coaxed on with some pressure) ...I therefore probably need a bearing a tad less than 8mm?!!!
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    A couple of grubbed screw collars would hold it in place (8mm drill bit stops)
    If the nagging gets really bad......Get a bigger shed:naughty:

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