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    So, I'm making a 3d printer.

    and I've bought most of the parts from around the world but I can't find this part.

    so m6 thread on the outside, 3mm internal hole, about 50mm long and in Aluminium.

    it's so I can pop one of these on the end.

    I'm using 3mm filament so I'm hoping a 3mm aperture will be fine.

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    I think you will find that 3mm filament is more often than not oval in shape and can be 3.2 x 2.8 etc here is a link HydraRaptor to a guy that has been around a long time and has a lot of good knowledge. The tubes are quite often made out of brass. a link here to a typical nozzle http://reprap.org/wiki/J_Head_Nozzle I have built a few of these printers in the past and the extruder is a very important part to get right for success. Good luck with your build. ...Clive

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    If you can get a drawing of what you'd like, I should be able to knock a few out with minimal hassle.

    One thing I wonder is if a reamed finish would be better than a drilled?

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    A reamed finish would be great, I think brass may be a better material as it may hold the heat a bit more then Aluminium.

    I don't want the heat to travel up into the cold end too quickly.

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    Have you seen the reprappro hot ends - I have the older version and it has been very reliable (the only problem was with a section of oversize filament - 2mm instead of 1.75 - can't really blame them for that) - I've put well over a kilometre of filament through with no other problems.



    The principle seems to be to create an abrupt transition between hot and cold zones by force cooling above the heater - this minimises the time the filament is semi molten and therefore the bulging which can cause jams.

    The new version looks like it uses a PTFE liner which would remove the necessity for a smooth barrel as well as insulating the filament until it got to the melt zone.

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