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    By profile I mean a profile of the part being machined.

    Here's an example:-

    Loco wheel with cutter selected, Op 5, Op 6 is the pockets, only one is selected but it's been told to cut all pockets drawn on the same layer.

    Now the pocket isn't clean, there are some pips left as it cuts at 70% overlap by default [ can be changed in options but 70% works for most things ]

    Double click Op5 and you get the same dialog box come up as when you set it.

    In this box we see the overlap which I will change to 65% also you get a choice of how to contour, which way to go regardless of how it was drawn, no stupid arrows. Choice of travelling at clearplane or feed plane, that machine all contours I mentioned and ignore cup depth makes it do the last cut at full depth less any excess put on for the last cleanup pass.

    Click OK and see the result.

    Job done, now up to this point no code has been written at all, you can play about to your hearts content and ONLY when you are happy with the screen shots do you press Post code and select the post processor.

    The code should be perfect and the only editing I do is on the machine and play with the speeds and feeds depending on how it's cutting.
    The first time I ever see the code is when it's loaded into Mach or whatever.

    I never have to edit the code, if I want any changes I change the operation, watch the preview and post a complete new code.

    John S -

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    Hope you spelt my name right, I didn't

    Loads of good video's on the site and also the US site, I think the US site is better.
    John S -

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    Sorry missed that connection, yes I know blind and thick but someone has to carry the cross.

    John S -

  4. I have gotten mixed levels of support from BobCAD and I use V21. Have no real problems with it remembering tools in the tool tray. Have no real problem with the offsets. Only Problem is in the CAM side it keeps putting M6 and M4 which with a manual set up milling bit there is no need for them so at the moment I just gone in and edit that part as to lazy to go into the post processor atm to make the changes. Have had problems with them and there are things they could do better. But than again if you bargian a bit you can get some very good deals from them. SolidWorks is a great program IF you got 1K+ sitting around for the investment. Now if some one knows a way of getting those programs without paying for every part plus tech support please tell me. I remember the day when you bought a product and a certain level of support was expected and included within the product.

    Will see as the road goes though have had some very good cutting come out of code set up by BobCAD/CAM and also been doing some larger project work in it as well.


  5. Quote Originally Posted by Kip View Post
    I just use M1 "option stop" when I want a toolchange....Usually combined with a good rise on the Z......I've modified the script for the G83 peck drill to automatically place a - minus in the code....If only it knew how to efficiently pocket.... Hows your pocketing with BC?

    I as you know a good part of my milling is completely through the wood so I use the finish spiral pocket with a proper offset and everything goes just fine. For the milling of pockets on harmonica combs I still find it easier to generate code from the geometry as doing it the pocketing method generates to much code and eats up time like mad. I run it at a 25 to 65 angle and a small step over and two passes with it running at 250mm/min with a 2.5mm EM multi tooth bit. Will eat wood or acrylic like candy and leaves a very nice edge (very little sanding/filing needed).

    On the subject of bits have you looked a they have a wonderful selection at really nice prices. I have also found them and one other German firm to have reasonable prices for Kress collets.


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