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    Hi there i'm an absolute beginner to cnc work
    I've made my machine and It works fine using mach 3
    I've been doing engraving in brass using the write wizard.
    However I want to make some small engraved logo's to put on items of woodwork i make.

    What do I need to take a hand drawn (in biro) logo and convert it to a toolpath to engrave in brass

    Is it something that mach 3 can do?

    so I could scan the artwork and then? what software do I need?

    I want the logos to look hand drawn ( not perfect like cad files would be)

    Thanks in advance for any help

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    Try F Engrave, free , now on V1.13


    It should be able to import a scanned bitmap of your logo , trace it to a vector and engrave it.

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    I have downloaded f-engrave but on trying to open it a dos box opens quickley and then disappears nothing else
    this is on windows 7

    there was a thread about this but no resolution

    any idea's


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    Sure downloaded .exe and not the .src, just did that one, but 1.13 opens OK on Win7 here, unzip and click on the little man.

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    I have now got it working on my desktop machine ( win7) but still cant get it to work on my workshop machine ( win xp)

    When i try to open the exe file it says " The application failed to start because the application configuration is incorrect reinstalling may fix the problem "

    I've reinstalled it a few times


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