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    I am milling some gears from various types of plastics - one of the gears needs machining on both top and bottom. Obviously when I take the part out to turn it over, I struggle to get it perfectly aligned - I was thinking of making some kind of a jig - not sure.

    Is there a holding device that allows you to flip a part over and still have it perfect based on where the previous centre mark would have been?


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    Could you not just machine a couple of dowel holes through the part into the table before you cut it, then flip it and dowel it again?

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    That is one option - I could also use a set of right angled sections but the issue is that the item is round and you ideally need to have it not rotate either.

  4. Surely if its a gear the central hole and/or boss plus an offset dowel hole would both register and locate it.

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    Or perhaps cut the back side first and leave a spur with dowel hole which is cut off on the front side.

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