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    therefore maybe something like these at the right speed...

    Dremel Brad Point Drill Bit Set - 631 | eBay (they go up to 1/4")

    never used them for tin, but they work great on acrylic! (& handy to have in your arsenal of bits - especially if your machine is confined/restricted to a 1/8" collet, such as a rotary tool in this arrangment -
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    I want to avoid drilling if I can , I want a sort of high bred clamp come punch template combo , ill work on it and see what I can do, thanks for the replies guys :)

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    Hi Fivetide
    regarding die press, a decent pillar drill should provide enough pressure for punching thin stuff,clamp your die to the table (simples)

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    What about this sort of punch press?
    eBay item no.

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    Whitney punch
    Ebay 221245161892

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    You'd probably get a decent hole if they were drilled with a milling slot drill. Probably a nice job for a CNC. Unless you fancy building a CNC punching machine...

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    Rotabroach annular cutter (aka mag drill cutter) often does a good job on sheet too... but you'd probably need a mill to hold the shank (fits nicely in a 19 mm ER32 collet). Sizes go down to 12 mm in standard series, never tried the 'mini' ones.
    ah just seen it's a 1/4 inch hole so as you were...
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    All great ideas but I have to be quite accurate with the holes, after marking them out then drilling chances are they won’t be that accurate. The PCB has about 5 mounted parts that need to go through the holes on different sides and there’s no play. Plus they have to be neat. So that’s why Im thinking of making a template I can slip over the edge of the tin box, sort of an inverted U shape and then using a hardened bolt that’s been cut down with a cutting edge done on a lathe that then screws through the die and punches out the holes.

    Fiction is far more plausible when wrapped around a thread of truth

    Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm.
    Ralph Waldo Emerson

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    A bit like these:-
    Q.max Sheet Metal Hole Punch 25mm
    But I don't think they are made down to 5mm. ...Clive

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