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    Quote Originally Posted by Jonathan View Post
    The way you've mounted the bed looks a little weak to me. The bed box section could rotate about the fixing 'rails', so the end fixity is poor, which means the bed itself will sag more when a weight is placed upon it. You could instead bolt the bed frame directly to the machine frame.
    I was thinking about that, bolt bed directly to the frame
    but then I have to make the bed a very accurate, This means that zero play between the bed and frame
    I chose the easy way, the bed pulls out like a drawer and can have a few mm error

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gytis View Post
    the bed pulls out like a drawer and can have a few mm error
    No BAD idea it will resonate and will show in the quality of cut.

    You don't need to make the bed tight fit just have few mm gap and put the angle brackets so they fasten to the insides of steel uprights. Make the side guards out of flexible rubber or plastic like Damp course fasten to bed sides and at top rail so it travels with bed and the brackets will be underneath out of way and accessible from out side.

    Then you just surface the sacrificial board on the bed to bring parallel to machine.
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    quick update,

    received yesterday parts for the Z axis from JAZZ CNC
    well.., what I can say.., he is a real man !
    I'm impressed with the quality and accuracy of the parts! Thank you Dean!

    My next step will be steel frame construction , I waiting for the chop saw speed regulator (I want to drop RPM of my saw) and welding mask .
    I hope to see you soon?!
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    Your Welcome Gytis pleased they got there ok and more pleased those holes are in correct place.!! . . . Always worrying when you haven't got rails in your hands and working to someone else drawings. . .Lol . . .You did good too my friend.!

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    Starting to look good - much better than those flowers!!! Better get rid of that remote - no time for TV now. G.

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    Hello CNC folk!

    Just want to wish to everyone Happy and Healthy New Year!!! (little bit too late, but better late than never )
    and also want to say that this built log not dead. I know I was not active since my last post, but that is different story...( it was really hard time for me )
    Anyway I hope I'll be back on the track sooner or later !

    Hope I'll see you soon with some built progress !

    Good luck to all !

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