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    Quote Originally Posted by JAZZCNC View Post
    Ok will be in touch at some point regards BT30 I'm happy to wait and payup front if need be.!

    Can I just say thou we are not the Zone here and we don't expect spindles for nothing so you won't get all the shit you get on the zone.
    So really no need for the defensive tones of your messages, I understand why because of all the shit i've seen you take on the zone etc but honestly here it will just put our backs up.!!

    Carry on the good work I for one think your doing a great job. . . . . Thou don't mind admitting at first I was sceptical and a little untrusting but I've watched closely so know your Ok.
    Yes, I'll admit it, I am a little short and a few other forums are the contributing factor to my abrupt behavior so while I'm in my infancies here, perhaps the calm and soothing demeanor will rub off on me and I wont be so quick to pounce at the mere implication or subtle hints of impropriety.

    I'm zoned out, I've concluded that the meager few I've help there isn't worth the abuse I've received there and so far, even though I've been harsh, everyone seems to let it blow off rather than pour gasoline on the fire and this tells me my experiences here will be different so I will make a conscious effort to keep myself in check but have no issues with a deserved pounding if the powers that be decide I've crossed the line and need my head slapped.

    What I have noticed, 37 of the 55 spindle motors ordered are going to the UK, 9 of the 14 cartridges are going to the UK, don't you guys have anyone actively promoting the CNC hobby with reasonably priced products or is it every man for himself and people interested in helping have no guidance or direction? (not a complaint but a question)

    Kinda nice to be part of a group that does this but the sheer number of product requests we receive make it impossible for us to achieve more than 10% of them and there is only so much I can do or are capable of doing.

    Some weeks the flood of emails inquiring about products is so overwhelming I wish I had someone else to pass off some of the projects too but my biggest fear is that they will turn it into a profit-for-self project which doesn't help the hobby community.

    I'm also dissatisfied that no one else is attempting to make or provide opportunities for reasonably priced products that are needed and that the general motivation is purely for financial gain and the failures are due to the products price.

    Tooling is a prime example, taking into consideration that tooling manufacturers want to produce things in the quantity of 500pcs or more and I can understand this, it's almost impossible to get any of them to make something in a quantity of 20pcs or less. want 5pcs of something and the answer is definitely no, luckily, one of the china factories shares our enthusiasm and has agreed to make tooling as the need arises as long as we can provide some technical informaiton or drawings so getting him to produce an indexable face mill in BT15 with an MOQ of 10pcs is not a problem, he realizes that in doing so, later orders are usually significantly higher quantity, he just made us (making now) 6pcs of BT15-APU8 (8mm - 5/16in) medium duty CNC rated precision keyless drill chucks and these were well received by the project backers.

    Another example, an extremely high precision probe (1/10,000th resolution) for less than $75.00 with a small profit is possible but the people I gave my schematic and prototype too have turned it into an expensive product with a 300% profit margin so the hobby community lost out because I had no control once these left my possession and no way to make them honor their word in making the product available at a reasonable price.

    If I had the financial resources to stock products I'd do it but the overhead would be outside of what I could afford and obtaining financial backing involves high yield returns on the investment that is not a viable option when no profit exists.

    I'm hoping in November I can post a project for a BT20/ISO20 spindle cartridge as the customer who made the initial order for 10pcs of BT15/ISO15 spindle cartridges has expressed an interest in this size as well.

    We also made VMC frames for him and I know these are for in-house use and we sold off the extra columns (with linear rails installed) almost immediately for basically the cost of the materials so when he gives the go-ahead for the BT20/ISO20 I'll do a kickstarter for it for those who want this size.

    MAN, can I be long-winded or what!!!!!
    Bringing you products at a reasonable price but you have to jump onboard when the opportunity arises.

    my site
    -- Dale Walsh

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    I for one find it incredibly refreshing to know that people with your attitude still exist, keep up the good work M8

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    OK, unfortunately with all of the fourms and all of the inquiries I'm recieving, it is impossible to answer each one directly and for those who were unable to message me due to a full box I have made it very simple to contact me in real time.

    I now have a website, Click Here, I also have an IRC set up so you can contact me directly (requires IRC client software, not accessibly by browser).

    The overwhelming number of tire kickers sending me PM's on various forums and by e-mail has forced me to ignore most of them cause as one person I can't handle the 200-300 pieces I'm getting a day.

    If you believe I should be able to sell you a cartridge for $200.00 becuase you think that is all it's worth, please don't insult your self by contacting me and demanding one for this price, the front bearings alone cost $400.00 so it would be impossible to give it to you for that ridiculous price.

    If you want intelligent questions answered I recommend you contact me in my IRC as it is doubtful I will repsond to further PM's or e-mail.
    Bringing you products at a reasonable price but you have to jump onboard when the opportunity arises.

    my site
    -- Dale Walsh

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