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    Back in April I "won" the ebay auction for a Vision router 2448 supposedly in Lossiemouth Scotland. This item proved to be a scam, but luckily I realized I was being scammed so I did not lose any money.
    Today I noticed the same photograph is being listed by a different ebayer, but still in Scotland - Aberdeenshire this time.

    The item no is 161062154199 and the sellers handle is phil100884.

    I have reported the matter to the police and to ebay.

    If any forum members are interested in this machine please do not part with any money until you have seen and touched it. G.


    Quote Originally Posted by deisel View Post
    i mailed him and asked if cash on collection was ok the reply i got was...
    -no, cleared payment before collection / delivery. No offence meant, but I know from past experiences that people often forget how much they offered and show up with less or try to bargain for ridiculous reasons after agreements are made (once again, itīs nothing personal, but I do not intend to repeat past errors)-
    chances are he,s on here reading this so if hes genuine....maybe a forum member close by can go and see if it exists
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