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    Ok chaps, here goes.
    as i said in the welcome thread, new to this cnc lark but have an increasing need for it sooo...how long does a "build" take? how much would a (say) 4 x 4 with water cooled spindle cost to make.

    I am still considering the "commercial" route though I dont think I will be going to one place, however anyone any comments on HPC's offerings at 4 x 4 or 900 x 600?
    the 4x4 if favoured, but a 900 x 600 would "do" though i would envisage that potentially that would mean an upgrade in the near future....
    The biggest problem with 4 x 4 machines is the access is too small, 920 wide at the most, however those nice people at HPC have said the following when I phoned

    Me....You know that 4 x 4 cnc of yours

    Nice man...Yes....

    Me...well will it come apart to fit down a narrow passage

    N.M......Oh God...not another one
    Me ...well?

    NM....yes they can be taken apart...sigh

    Nm....its a helluva job...its the bed you see...its kinda .......heavy

    NM whacha mean "and?"
    Me Well you dismantle it and make sure you document how to reassemble it and I'll collect it in bits and reassemble it here

    NM...are you sure...the bed is REALLY heavy
    me ....and

    NM...welllllllllll......we can do it but the bed is really heavy
    Me...ok so the bed is heavy....I can get help

    NM well...ok.....if you are sure.....
    Me thats good...I'll have a look round to see if there is anything more suitable and then get back to you if there isnt

    NM we will need a few days to dismantle it
    Me yes I can see that...the bed is really heavy.......

    me thank you ........

    I didnt have the heart to tell him I put a 250 Kg spindle moulder in my workshop single handed........

    so given that i want/need to be up and running with this asap...as in 3-4 weeks...does anyone have any other suggestions.

    I am cramped for space in the workshop and i dont think SWMBO will allow me to build an extension so I can JUST about fit a 4x4 in with a bit of a clear up and shift around.....

    I was given a suggestion of a vertical set up BUT there is a potential serious problem...My workshop is a pine "summer house" 5 x 5 meter and the walls are "floppy" and nothing must be done which ties planks together otherwise you get "gapping" OR the whole thing will pull itself apart, depending on humidity....Its MEANT to move and it sure does so a vertical MAY be a tad difficult to anchor :shrug:

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    Also seen ......heiz S 1000 ...hmmmmm any good anyone?

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    Considering what is involved in building a machine, the fact that you haven't as yet ordered any parts & may not even have a suitable design sorted then you are asking a lot if you need to be up & running in 3 to 4 weeks, it would also depend on how much time you could devote to the build & what sort of tooling you already have to actually build it.
    As for what is available commercially sorry can't really help but a lot will depend on the type of work you want to be doing & the materials you need to be able to cut.

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    @Martin54. My thoughts exactly, i have not got a lot of time to devote to design & build of a machine like this and have little in the way of metal fabrication tooling (seeing as how I'm a carpenter/joiner) thus self build may be a bit slow, if not downright irritating. having looked around I recon I will go for the heiz S1000, but no firm decision yet...

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