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    Also picking up on Robins post, a lot of subjects have been thrashed to death ! Same subject subtle variants . For example I have been spending a lot of time on DIY audio looking for help on designing my CMOY , I don’t do any posts , most of the answers are in the search button. And besides, the subject has been thrashed into the ground. I expect now that a lot of members – lurkers – readers simply syphon off the required information because let’s face it, in most cases it’s complete. I have posted more off the topic threads than about CNC’s tbh. Mainly because I trust what people say on here. But in fact they do relate to my CNC work eventually.
    So the difference between posts and threads and actual forum hits would be interesting to see as the “hits” are a measure of the quality of information, returning visitors , how long people spend on the forum are much bigger indicators of weather it’s doing its job as a repository for information and ideas.
    As for the layout, I just bookmarked the forum start page.

    Fiction is far more plausible when wrapped around a thread of truth

    Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm.
    Ralph Waldo Emerson

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    Quote Originally Posted by John S View Post
    OK Lee said this loads of times so this time I'll write slowly so you can read it.

    W E H A V E T H E S A M E I N F O A T T H E T O P O F T H E P A G E A S A T T H E S I D E R E S U L T I N G I N O N L Y 3 / 4 O F A P A G E S H O W I N G W H E N Y O U A R E P A S T T H E T O P S I D E B I T

    W H Y D O W E N E E D T H E S A M E I N F O T W I C E , T O P O N I T 'S O W N I S F I N E
    I've already explained why John in the other thread:
    Quote Originally Posted by Lee Roberts View Post
    Because eventually the TOPSTATS on the forum home page that myself, you and a few others i know of like is going on the new design, so rather than remove it, first i have replicated what we get from it on the side bar, the idea was it would give people time to find what is in the side bar and adjust to using it.

    The TOTSTATS is a 3rd party addon for vB and i dont want to support it anymore, it gives us nothing that isnt already here and the sidebar now has the same content, so its just extra queries and conflict for the new design for no reason.

    Other than being a little over the 50 word optimal line length for reading print, i cant see anything wrong ?

    When I said in the quote above "is going on the new design" I should have said "is being removed", with regards to vegetables I also said:
    Quote Originally Posted by Lee Roberts View Post
    Sorry about that, I haven't had the time to build any custom modules for the side bar yet. Which would obviously extend the sidebar down the page more and add more feature to the overall page.
    This is still true, Iíve been though quite a rough time over the last 8 months going from 17st down to 14st mostly fat loss but Iíve also got some muscle loss in my arms, Iíve now been diagnosed with an underactive active thyroid this can affect people differently with some putting weight on and others losing weight, there is quite a few other symptoms that go with it as well but to sum up "The thyroid gland produces hormones which regulate the bodyís metabolic rate as well as heart and digestive function, muscle control, brain development and bone maintenance."

    For me Iíve had major problems with my joints/bones (some would argue the brain as well lol), if I do any kind of physical work the next day Iím in allot of pain and have massive swelling/fluid on my joints, this is mainly on my wrists with it taking me 10 mins to get out of bed in the morning depending on me having a good day or not, some days even if I havenít a good day the day before as soon as I put any weight on my skeleton it hurts.

    This is quite difficult for me mentally because Iím naturally a very active and physical person with lots of things that need doing, one day I could be doing a job laying 2x2 slabs/flags for someone, another day I may be fitting a new stair case, you get the picture - Iím very handy with my hands or have been :(. Most of the problem seems to be with my wrists to the point where it hurts to brush my teeth let alone open a can of beans for the kidís dinner. I'm saying this here because one day someone may read this and notice my symptoms as being the same as theirs, for me this has been a long progression so allot of it while quite bad now has been going on for some time but because itís been over a long time Iíve got used to living with it rather than noticing something is wrong.

    There are a couple of other ones that stand out more like depression and so on but Iím not going into that, though that one dose get me quite a bit, fed by things like not being able to allow my kids to jump on me and play because they can hurt me really easily. Anyway Iíve got another blood test next week to see if my thyroid has picked back up, I donít think has because come 4pm Iím shafted and need to rest for a couple of hours while my dinner kicks in, Iím on 50mg at the moment and that has made me feel better in a few ways but like I say come 4 Iím no good to anyone and Iíve clearly still got a problem with my bones, I recon I need 150mg but who am I to say.

    Itís not all doom and gloom though, today Iím having quite a good day, I could get out of bed this morning and the only really problem today is my right knee, my wrists are still goosed but they always are so far, when it was just my right wrist it wasnít to bad but now itís both. Bummer!

    So yea with all this sun we've been having Iíve managed to catch up on a few jobs around my own house that need doing, this week has seen new accommodation for the hens being built, doing an hour or two in the evening.

    Hoping to get the last bit done later today (the top bit thatís missing), the framing is just roofing battens with the two top bits being hinged to allow for access. The rest is from some pallets I got off the local wood yard, at the bottom you can see the base is now finally finished for what will be my 24x12ft home workshop/shed (2 ton of type one, 5 ton of sand and 100+ slabs later), not much to show I know but itís an achievement for me at the moment and I've been doing other smaller jobs as well when I can.

    The last school run is approaching so I need to wrap this up, in September my youngest starts school full time so I will have my days back to myself, Iím hoping after putting food on the table I can crack on with the work I have planned for the forum and the other sites, with a bit of luck they can give my wrists back (the rest I can live with) and so I will also be able to get the workshop built and then enjoy having my own cnc machine up and running (4ftx2ft cutting area) finally!

    Until then you will just have to be patient with me because as Iíve said above, life is a bit of a struggle at the moment for me and mostly Iím just getting by doing what I need to everyday to keep things going for the house and family.

    Sorry for going on for so long but I couldnít see any other way of putting out there that would give you an idea, Iím not looking for sympathy Iím not that type of person, itís also been nice to get it off my chest as well, so if you read all of this, thanks and sorry for the delay in going forward.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jonathan View Post
    Correlation doesn't imply causation, e.g decline in activity could just be due to the weather!

    Having said that, I do think this layout is less convenient than the old one.
    YES NUMBNUTS I've been around long enough to know this and was taken into consideration.!! . I've also been around enough forums to now a good layout that works compared to one that sucks.

    Quote Originally Posted by Lee Roberts View Post
    Sorry for going on for so long but I couldnít see any other way of putting out there that would give you an idea, Iím not looking for sympathy Iím not that type of person, itís also been nice to get it off my chest as well, so if you read all of this, thanks and sorry for the delay in going forward.
    Very Sorry to hear this Lee and believe me having gone/going thru 2yrs of hell and heartache I fully understand and thou not seeking you have my deepest sympathy.
    Now my dislikes are similar to John's.!! .. What's the point of that silly Bar done the side.? Adds or serves very little to viewing experience and takes 1/4 the screen and most of it is blank.
    I don't need or want to see Active threads twice or who's online twice then a great big blank space all the way to bottom of page.
    (On personal note some times I wish it didn't show I was Online has it can mean I get PM's/emails or phone calls from folks I've offered help seeing me online when all I've done is nipped on for a quick nosey.!! . . Little thing I know and my choice to offer/give details so not going to complain too much but still would be nice to be invisible at times.!! (Without having to LOG off.!!))

    Adverts don't bother me too much and realise rent has to paid but it would be better if they could be located lower down not taking a good portion of the top of page. End of the day the point of these forums is to inform and let others communicate with like mined folks. . . . If we need a shopping channel we all know the place.! If we need to find something we all know the search engine to use.!

    Now for me the best layout is the one with a large Recent activity or latest post's across top of first page with nothing but the MYCNC header and all activity for sizeable period of time not just 10 lines.
    The silly side bar with active threads would be ok if it started at top of page was slightly wider and showed all active threads for long period, 10 is neither use nor ornament.!!
    When I come on the forum I want to see whats happening and go to it quickly.! . . . If I have to go looking chances are I'm not going to bother and find another site that gives me what I want.
    If I want a specific bit of information or find something relating to something I'm doing or planning then I'll happily go searching for it or use the relative category in the lower down portions of the forum to find it. . . . But the first contact should show me at glance all that's happened in any thread category, Lathe,mill, router etc for a good amount of time else other wise I'm bored and away to wind-up our American cousins on CNCzone. (Which by the way is far more cocked up than this site but yank bating is good fun when bored. . Lol)

    So that's my take I just want to see what's happened or happening and see it quickly not search for it. The adds I can live with if kept sensible (Which compared to the Zone this sites fantastic for ) and from spoiling my first viewing experience IE Lower down.

    That's it Rant over, best wishes and hope you get well soon.

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    Ditto with the best regards, sorry that's the best i can do. I don't do PC, H&S or sympathy

    In your post you say you are strapped for time to develop the side bar.
    So OK no one will think any worse of you to just drop it, it's duplicated after all and give the full screen over to the relevant posts.

    Surely that will help short and long term ?
    John S -

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    I agree mostly with Jazz and John on the layout and the sidebar, it just seems like a waste of space.
    As for the googleads thing it only seems to happen on this site and from different computers, one is a works one and very secure.
    Happened on the first page I viewed this morning.

    Click image for larger version. 

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  6. Lee, have you looked at Bing ads system instead of Google? It is your site and I respect that. When coming on the site I post past the front page with the thread stream and go straight to the forum home page which is basically the old front page plus side bar.

    The reason that I suggest Bing Ads over Google is due to a few issues. There is a large group of folks that are leaving google ads due many different issues with not only the ads but also Google's logarithm for site information. No Bing is not perfect and has issues as well just not as bad as Google at present.

    The blank side bar which I am looking at as I type this reply is lost space. Either a floating/scrolling ad space to use it better might be worth looking into. Yes I understand that web site design is very time intensive we run a few ourselves and keeping up with the law and information current and accurate is a PITA. My wife and I knew that it was going to be PITA and still swear at it daily when things go wrong. So good luck and I use the forum to help as able and when I need info I will ask. I will say that the older forum set up was easier to get to information and find out what folks where looking for and IF I could be of help.

    CAD software Shark Pro v10, Also Aspire v9.0
    CAM Software Aspire v9.0, CamBam v1 beta12
    CNC Machine:
    3D printers: 2 x Prusa MK2S soon to be 2.5's and 1 x mini Delta (180 x 180)
    Work with Solid Surfaces, Acrylics, Woods, Foamboard, PLA, ASA, PMMA
    Work Computer: Lenovo D20, K4000, Tesla C2070, 64GB RAM

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    Lee , really sorry to hear about the illness, I do, do sympathy, as deep down I can empathize with your problem. Plus I think I’m still human. However I have to agree in part to some of the suggestions. I still adhere to the KISS methodology, Keep It Sodding Simple, for Simple Sodding People. There’s an information overload and space wastage, in my opinion people want to land on the forum not some vastly over populated informational sink.

    Fiction is far more plausible when wrapped around a thread of truth

    Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm.
    Ralph Waldo Emerson

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    I again would have to agree, I am not super active on here but much much less so now the changes have been implemented.
    I will check back periodically to see when/if the original or better more useful forum is in place, but I will continue to have a reduced presence in the current state.


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    In an age where everyone is worn out with folks not listening to them (especially governments who always seem to go against the populist view once voted in!), it'd be a brave forum owner that doesn't listen to his membership!

    Now I realise that the ideals of owning & running a forum are not always in synchronicity with the ideals of the membership (few people actually run forums for love, but rather have an end goal - dosh), but without members, there is no forum, with no forum, there is no revenue... so I guess it's always going to be a case of push & see what you can get away with (just like taxes!), but clearly the recent changes are beginning to alienate folks.
    Last edited by HankMcSpank; 18-07-2013 at 10:53 AM.

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    I don't know about recent but I posted about the changes when these were first made

    Lee has stated he's under pressure but the changes are all more work
    Less work / pressure would have been to leave well alone

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