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    Hi guys i have a machine with a porter cable router attached, now i have stripped the machine down and changed all the electrics and motors now before i did this the router motor (porter cable) was running fine, now after the rewiring the router motor does not seem to be running at full speed. Now i am in the UK and have to use a 110v transformer to reduce the power going to the motor, i have checked the voltage going and it is 110v, this has me stumped has anyone any ideas. Thanks in advance

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    Check the motor brushes.


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    Hi Peter thanks but I have two of these motors and both doing the same and one is nearly new.

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    Start with the basics.

    With power applied and the router running, is there still 110V at the router?
    And is the 110V on the correct wires?
    I ask this, because on 110V, the 'earth' wire is actually a common wire at 0V, then each of the other wires has 55V on them 180deg out of phase from each other to give you 110V. Is there any chance during you're rewiring you've connected the wrong wires up and the router is only getting 55V?

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    Hi mc
    Heres a photo of the wiring its wired with a fan as well but this was wired in after so makes no difference to the output.
    CheersClick image for larger version. 

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    Oh and the router only has two wires, white and black.

  7. What's the wattage rating of the router. If its more than 150w then the problem is obvious...

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    What Irving just said.

    Smallest current Porter Cable Router I can see on their site is 1.25hp, which is just under 1kw, and that's for their compact model. The other sizes vary from 1.75hp to 3.25hp.

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    Hi guys its 3.5hp but it was running fine before being dismantled, why do you ask the wattage because of the 150Va on the transformer?

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    Did you ever cut anything before?

    3.5hp would require at least a 2.5kVa transformer, which unless you're wiring is huge, that transformer shown in the picture is alot nearer 150Va than 2500Va.
    A 150Va could probably just about spin the router up with no load, but as soon as you put a load on the router, either the fuse for the transformer should blow (if it's sized correctly), or the transformer will overheat and fail.

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