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    Quote Originally Posted by Tomnewry View Post
    I have been looking at different routers but i wa s looking to get one the same diameter as the porter cable router to save making any adjustments to the router and also i want one to be able to cut aluminum.
    Router won't handle cutting aluminium for very long, even a half decent one like porter cable.!! The bearings can't handle the forces cutting Aluminium puts on them.
    The WC spindle is far superior in every department, they have more power, better speed control, continuous duty cycle, far quieter, Much better run-out and far far stronger.

    My first machine used a industrial Elu router from the days before black-decker bought them out when they where high quality units.!! . . It lasted 5 months before killing the bearings.
    It was replaced with WC spindle which cut exclusively Aluminium sometimes for 30+ hrs continuous for well over 3yrs before I accidentally blow it up by leaving connector loose and completely my own fault.!!!. . . . . In the obligatory autopsy to see how it was made up the bearings where found to be in sound condition and I have no doubts they would have lasted another 2yrs easily.

    It's cuts would like cutting butter at depths that would have made the Elu Cry stop.!! . . . . Far far superior in every way to router and worth making any modifications to make fit IMHO.

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    Aye ill have to have a look at upgrading the spindle, thanks for the comments folks.

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