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    many moons ago I made an all copper water block for my 8800 ultra, this was when the ultra was old and could be picked up for 70 or so not 500+ new.

    it failed fantastically. i was only 16 or so.

    but now I've come back to making a water block and I think I've done excellent!
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    just needs to be tested now!

    the patter was made using a .2mm 45 engraving bit.

    and John, how did your water block come out?
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    Hi nice water block,
    i am total new to CNC i am looking to do somthing similar i.e. make custom water block and such.
    Could you point a complete newbie in the right direction?
    Did you make your own machine and where does one start?

    looks like a cool water block excellent job.

    look forward to your reply

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    Nice work JCB and like MOCNC something I have in mind to do on my machine, although I'm going to potentially have a go on an Asus 780Ti (gulp)......

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    Quote Originally Posted by Washout View Post
    Nice work JCB and like MOCNC something I have in mind to do on my machine, although I'm going to potentially have a go on an Asus 780Ti (gulp)......
    Hi there washout good luck with that 780Ti please let us know how you get on ..... did you build you own machine? I am starting out so any advise would be much appreciated.



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    Hi MOCNC

    You can find Washout's build log here. Made a nice job of it and it works well from the videos posted:

    Other DIY CNC build logs are here:

    Some recent standout examples are:

    Any of the above will fly through aluminium to make PC cooling blocks etc. without problems. Find something close to your liking and ask away . . .
    Building a CNC machine to make a better one since 2010 . . .
    MK1 (1st photo), MK2, MK3, MK4

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    Hi MOCNC

    Sorry I missed your post, but I see routercnc has put you straight

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