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    I've recently bought a Boxford TCL160 lathe that was already converted to Mach 3 by the previous owner. Everything seem to be working fine on it, but I noticed one thing that was wrong with it.

    I noticed on the readout of the X axis that when the travel should be going X- the readout would be going X+. is there any quick way of sorting this problem out as I would really like to start using this lathe.

    any help would be much appreciated.

    thank you

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    If you go to the configuration dropdown menu & select homing/limits you have the otion to reverse the direction of any axis that is traveling the wrong way.

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    is it really that simple?? :-)

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    If you have a look in the mach3 manual it explains it.
    I had the same thing when I first started running the machine I had refurbished. Worked like that for a while & was fine. Since then I have changed the axis around so the Y axis is now the x axis & vice versa. If you swap your x & y around you will probably find it does the same thing

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    thank you for the help. I will try that when I get home from work this afternoon and I will let you know. if that has sorted the problem.

    once I edit the configurations, will this be saved for the next time i will turn on my machine or will I have to reset it again?

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    Mach3 will save any changes you make.

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