Hi Guys - new to the forum and have experience using and building CNC machines. Background in CNC through Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering in Trinity College Dublin followed by a PhD based around sensor design for industrial CNC machine monitoring. An AVID fan and follower of CNC technology.

Have had experience with Hurco VM10 and VM2 platforms. My PhD work was carried out using an OKUMA LT15M machine tool. Experience with precix/Emco/Bridgeport and other systems. Given my projects have focused on monitoring of machines it is frustrating that the Siemes/Fanucs and controllers etc prohibit any depth of monitoring approaches. Of course it makes sense for safety and warranties etc but onep architecture is the key to helping develop CNC in my opinion - although probably not entirely along the lines of the machine builders business plans

It is very exciting to see the new breed of dedicated - non-windows based controllers allowing professional performance where the freedom to play and tweak using platforms like Mach3 really opens up doors previously a pip dream! I have worked with the smooth stepper and UC100 controllers and have been very impressed with the performance.

Have had my own low cost CNC router in the past which I was frustrated by, modified and sold and I have since become involved with CNC machine building / CNC retrofit work / Actual CNC machining work and have good experience in the control side of making CNC tick.

Interested to get involved in the UK scene and offer any information I can give to the wider CNC community.