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    Hi there,

    have some recent pics of machine working.. and the output... I made all the models based on bitmap source, built geometry to equate to the picture basically.. GCode was generated by Vectric Cut3D software and the machine is under control of Mach 2 software... any questions I'll be happy to answer etc... also if anyone needs any bitmap to model conversion then I'm open to discussion for custom work etc

    comments, advice etc welcome..

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    Thats some nice work your doing there keep it up!

    What Bits do you use for the small detail work?

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    The items pictured were roughed using an 8mm Titman router bit and finished with a Perform 3mm ballnose router bit... at 10% stepover. Spindle R.P.M. about 14k and feedrate of about 2 metres per min.

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    wow 2 metres per min is that a fast speed ? it sounds it ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by CheekieMonkies
    wow 2 metres per min is that a fast speed ? it sounds it ?

    Sounds faster than it is.. it's all relative really.. Is about equivalent to a commercial large-format machine of this type, fastest cut I've run so far is 3 Meters per min... I aimed for accuracy and repeatability so I run the machine as fast as it will go without impacting on either.... at the minute I'd say the X axis motor is running at about 30% of maximum speed and the Y axis about 50%... My speed is restricted a bit really. I didn't erect the building the machine is in and I know the floor in there leaves a bit to be desired in terms of adequate support...

    On a solid concrete floor I'd be interested to see how fast it would go... but not interested enough to strip the machine and building to put one in.... :D

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    lol, i know what you mean i tryed to find a level serfice to put my machine on but could i find one lol. Even the kitch was up and down and the floor. O well all things i'v gota put right in this house i guess.

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