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    As it says on the "Tin":


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    Quote Originally Posted by Lee Roberts View Post
    As it says on the "Tin":

    Just be careful, that equation assumes the LED requires 20 milli Amps of current, the proper equation is (Vsupply - Vled) = IR, or R = (Vsupply - Vled) / I in this case. V is in Volts, I is in Amps, and R in Ohms.

    20 mA = 0.020 Amps.

    Some minature LEDs go pop on less than 20mA :)

    Technically speaking LEDs require a certain current, not a certain voltage, so it is possible to run a LED from a higher voltage supply without a current limiting resistor, as long as the supply is switched so that the average current is at or below the LEDs forward current.
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    I'm using this online calculator - you will also get the power requirements for the resistor - it calculates the Wattage of the resistor - depending of the voltage of the circuit


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