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    Hi there, im into my welding and general fabrication and have always loved mechanised machines whizzing up and down a table making stuff in a robotic way, so ive taken the plunge and bought enough to start my table build, anyone else from my neck of the woods who would show me the very long ropes, or has a tablei can see and steal some ideas, cheers Nik

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    btw im very happy to weld up parts for anyone on the site, just not cars, (too many burns and getting old ) lol

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    Hi DrNik, also in Gloucester (moved here recently from Hereford) but not done anything much to be able to show you what to do...let alone the ropes!! I can't really start my build until I've got my shed. If you post your designs then you'll get plenty of constructive comments to guide you!

    Build log...here

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    well i have a well stocked workshops, so if you need help, im happy to help

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