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    Hi all ..Just started a conversion on a late model Boxford TUD lathe ..(bought 2-3 years ago) I chose this lathe specifically because it is as standard a simple lathe , No powered feeds or gearbox .. Any way I am a Boiler engineer by trade ( Power stations , large plant ) I have been fully coded , vast fabrication and welding history .. structural , plant and conveyor design and generally a good allrounder . I suppose one of those people that can be good at anything .. listing my attributes would be a little boring and seemingly boastful which I am not . Well I have started on this forum to offer my experience and knowledge (possibly hands on time ) has I have sort of kicked back a little ,, And hopefully gain a little more knowledge from other members ..

    A friend recently said a good line that seems fitting Knowledge not shared is knowledge wasted..

    If I can I will , If I can't its expensive..


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    Welcome aboard Stu and visa versa on the help ;-)
    If the nagging gets really bad......Get a bigger shed:naughty:

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    Good God - another one from Nottingham.

    Must be something in the water..................
    John S -

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    hi, i was going to say im new around here and they area friendly bunch, you know newbies together, but your waaayyy out there

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