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    This is my first post for my conversion of a late model Boxford TUD lathe I bought from the Bay over 2 years ago .. I bought this model lathe has I didn't require power feeds or gearbox for my conversion ..
    When I first bought the Tud mach3 was primarily parallel port , which I could see being outdated soon so was opting for usb connection over parallel.

    USB boards were rare running Mach 2 years ago , I now have a AKZ 3 axis usb board which after dry setting up with NPN proximity sensors , speed sensor ,stepper drivers etc seems great , I have even deliberately ran the board at the side of my plasma cutter to see if it miss steps badly but none noticed ( returned pointer to original dead vertical after several movements back and forth to zero) .. Good for a plasma table then ???...

    Heres the spec..

    USB mach motion board 3 axis
    x Axis Nema 23 stepper ball screw C5
    z Axis Nema 34 stepper ballscrew C5 double nut
    6/8 position tool turret ( see dumpstercnc - YouTube ) great ideas...
    1 1/2 hp 3 phase vfd with board connection and control via Mach
    full coolant control ( high/low pressure)
    Remote panel with touch screen dual MPG encoder start stop pause fro etc


    I bought the lathe local ish , Glossop way from a coal merchant who used it for king pin bushes , It had previously been modified to run a Z Axis leadscrew with gear drive.. changed to 240 badly but was absolutely brilliant on all the ways ;solid no wear , even the standard X axis leadscrew had only a little backlash.
    The lathe came with a load of bits and bobs , 2 really nice chucks way to big for the lathe great condition. At 8 and 10 inch they were a little big sold via the bay along with 2 nice 5 and 6 " pratts
    the lathe has a 5 inch height being the later type not the old 41/2 ..
    The headstock is well built running 17 roller bearings ( full spec here Boxford Lathes)

    Yesterday I removed some of the pieces I will not be needing ...Zaxis leadscrew ,apron plates ,changewheels ,chuck guard ,toolpost these will be sold later to further fund this project ..
    I will add photos of the lathe in the next post along with some advice on setting up the board and motors..

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    Hi did you ever move forward with this build

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