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    Hi All,

    Just a quick introduction.

    I'm an electronics engineer by training, but have been in the 'exciting' world of Project Management for the last 6 years - so I am a little bored of sitting behind a desk, or steering wheel.

    I recently purchased a little used Chinese 3040 router with the intention of learning a little, and hopefully being able to manufacture some of the parts for a home build CNC. So far so good, and am learning a little by little.

    The unit seems good enough, and I've just purchased a Geckodrive G540 and PSU to replace the original unit (and for future use). Not set that up yet, waiting for a 48v PSU to come sailing across the ocean.

    The spindle I have is a DC 300W unit, and to be honest I'm not sure how long it will stand up for - but I will be looking to replace with a VFD and 0.8/1.5kW unit at a later date. Bit of a pain, as I thought I would be able to replace the 300W unit with just a bracket - but unfortunately the Z Axis and clamp is all one machined extrusion - so some thinking to do there.

    Anyway, I look forward to reading through the forums and hopefully contributing at some point.

    If there is anyone local to Rugby who has a similar interest, let me know.
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