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    Another question - as shown in the diagram here, will it be okay to take the +5v from the PS into a 13amp terminal block and distribute the power to the BOB and the drivers from there? I can't see why it wouldn't, but there's the duncery kicking in again...
    Yep that will be fine.!!

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    Hello again.

    Sorry to resurrect an old topic - I've been working away from home for a while and am just catching up a bit with bits and pieces of the build. Since my last post, I've come across some instructions for the drivers I'm using, but they're in German - although I think it's probably fairly straightforward to decipher the diagrams if you know what you're looking at.

    I've attached a couple of images - one is of the German instructions and the other of the LinuxCNC Stepper Mill config window - the bit I'm concerned with is the "Driver Timing Settings" section.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	German_Instructions_DQ860MA.png 
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ID:	10278Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Screenshot-LinuxCNC Stepper Mill Configuration.png 
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ID:	10279

    I'm led to believe that the German instructions pertain to the "Driver Timing Settings" and this is how the text translates:

    Schrittimpuls = Step Pulse

    Richtungssignal = Direction Signal

    Freigabesignal = Enable Signal

    My motors work with the default settings - indeed, they work with a load of different settings, but since this info comes from a German manual distributed by a vendor, it's probably more likely to be correct, rather than me mashing in a load of numbers...

    So, based on the diagrams, am I correct in thinking that:

    Step Time = 1000
    Step Space = 2500
    Direction Hold = 2500
    Direction Setup = 1000

    Any thoughts?


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    Wal I think you will find if you just use 5000 in each of the boxes it will be fine ...Clive

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    Clive is correct, but if lower values work then your maximum step frequency can be set higher.
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    Cheers guys - thanks (as ever) for the info!


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    Thanks for posting this wal.
    I bought 6 of the same drives recently and received two of those bobs in with em.
    Almost a year on hows the bob doing?i dismissed using them after reading a bit of neg feedback but im about to try and wire up my mill so i might give them ago,
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    Hi deisel,

    No problems at all from the drivers or the BOB - the only time I've had a missed step (on one axis) is when I think I may have been feeding too high and spinning too slow on a heavier than usual cut. Other than that everything's worked well with no problems at all. I think Jonathan's used this gear in the past, as has Clive S - both have no doubt moved on to more advanced kit, but for my purposes this gear works well.


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    Hi deisel, Wal,

    For what it's worth I've also just received this simple BoB with the DQ860MA drivers. Little way off setting it all up but will let you know how I get on if I decide to use it.
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