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    I'm in need of some help to get a few ali plates in the right state. All parts are machined from standard ali tooling plate (PA11), which is roughly 15.20-15.25mm, shapes are mostly rectangular, with two L shaped pieces, max dimensions 465mm length. Here's what's needed:

    - skim two rectangular plates to 15.00mm thickness (or as close as possible)

    - enlarge 10 counterbored M5 holes, these were done as 5.3mm, but 5.5mm is needed to give more clearance

    - drill and tap 8 x M4 holes, 8mm deep

    - enlarge two holes, one from 40mm to 64mm, other from 20mm to 42mm

    - drill 3 counterbore M5 holes

    I've been told all together this shouldn't take more than 4 hours, so hopefully someone will be able to squeeze it in (fingers crossed). I'm in Lincoln and would prefer to come over with the plates to discuss what needs doing and where, leave the parts or wait, doesn't really matter. I can also post of course if there's no other way. This is a bit of a priority as I've waited a long time to get these done, but sadly it didn't turn out right (no one's fault, just life).


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    I'm in Sheffield if thats not to far
    I can do asap
    you can help or wait for them or post to me


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