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    Anyone know where I can buy a 1/4" to 1/8" adaptor as I want to use 1/8" endmill but my router, b&d kw800ek, only has 8mm, 6mm and 1/4".


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    I bought some from http://stewmac.com/ who ship to UK at reasonable cost. The collet adaptor is on page http://www.stewmac.com/shop/Tools/Sp...er_Collet.html
    Actually this is a different design to the ones I bought 2 year ago. These are better = they are balanced! Essential for 33000 RPM.

    Where the Light was kept during the Dark Ages

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    Just took the plunge so to speak

    I need a collet for my standard Ferm router so i can use 3mm shank cutters, i'm not ready to payout for a Kress yet thats all. So i checked a few posts i new had been made on the forums and i'v managed to narrow down the cheapest company selling what i was looking for:

    Goods: 4.64
    Carriage - Band 1: 1.95
    VAT (15%): 0.86
    Order Total: 6.59

    1.95 for carriage ? :wave: yes please !

    The next company in the list:
    Total (exc VAT) 3.75
    Delivery Charge (exc VAT) 3.03
    Total VAT 1.02
    Order Total 7.80

    and then from the 3rd:
    Goods: 4.55
    Subtotal: 4.55
    Standard Delivery Charge: 4.95
    Heavy item surcharge: NONE (thank fook for that!)
    Order Total: 9.50

    So yea www.toolshopdirect.co.uk got my money !

    4.95 for a Standard Delivery Charge, WTF are you sending it in/via ?

    I'll stick to a Pigeon Post service for all i care at 1.95. Hopfull i will get the collet in 2-3 days, i will let you know.

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    when buying any collet ,you must know that each router in the market has a diferent collet system,so it's very important to ensure you identify the correct collet. I have a Kress router,and other than a ISEL router the collets for that are unique.
    Trend do a range of collet adaptors. These are simply sleeves that convert a larger hole to a smaller one so you don't have to purchase a lot of collets.They fit into a existing collet say size 8mm and give the user a smaller size (say 6.35mm or 1/4 inch). As they are only sleeves they can be used with any router

    For those Kress users I have come across a odd problem,and it's this.
    Kress produce collets in sizes from 1 to 10 mm... BUT my router (a 530 model) has a collet chuck nutthat only has a 8.5 mm hole in it,so How can you fit any thing larger .!!!!! You Can't.

    I have found that CNC_PLUS in germany can supply collets for most routers at a reasonable price...and only 20 Euro registered postage per parcel.

    Robin WERY

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    Yea like Robin said, i already did my home work and new what i was looking for.

    My router is a FERM brand but its also the model just before Trend started to bring out the T3 model, they look identical and from what i can see they are one of the same just branded to Trend and not Ferm.

    Anyway 2-3 days after i paid i got the nock from postman pat, the collet came retail packed in a jiffy.
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