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    Has anyone got experience with the E600 HMI's? Basically, I transferred the program from an E600 HMI to my laptop, made a small edit with e-designer 7.5 and transferred it back to the HMI. The transfers were successful. Then I cycled the power on the HMI and now it won't boot. It powers up OK and the screen illuminates but there's no text...not even the firmware versions, etc.

    Is there some way to recover this, or have I just created an expensive paper weight?

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    Hi Birchy

    We use these screens at work and we have had a similar problem when the firmware of the screen does not match that of the software that you are using on your laptop.( overwrite PLC Driver check box) check to see if this was checked when you did the download.

    Do you have the user manual for the screen?


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    Hi Andy,

    This is also for a project at work. Yeah, I've got a feeling it's the firmware as it asked me to save the project as a V7.5 as it was V6.x previously. I later tried e-designer V6.13 but the E600 was already buggered. I have a manual which suggests some key functions to try (Page 33, section 3.2.4 HERE), but I believe these only work if the firmware has loaded. I'm guessing that I'll have to get a new firmware and install it with HMI Tools > System Loader?

    I've downloaded the .bin firmware from the Mitsubishi website. Hopefully that will get some text on the screen.
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    Popped in to work for a few hours today to try and get this bloody HMI working as the company are losing production because of it. The firmware wouldn't transfer...turns out that I can't even get comms to the HMI any more (COM port 1, 9600 baud rate). These settings worked previously, so it looks like I've inadvertently bricked the HMI. Have booked a PLC/programming specialist for Tuesday morning as I'm going to be spending the week fishing on the river Ouse! Very annoying as I said "it's only a 10 minute job" when I started it 2 days ago!

    Andy...just out of interest...did you manage to fix the E600's that blanked due to firmware incompatibility or were they scrappers?
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    Hi Birchy

    We managed to sort it but its that long ago I'm trying to rack my brains what we did to sort it.

    It took a lot of pi**ing about if I remember rightly.

    I will have a read through the manual to see if I can jog my memory.

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    Andy, does this sound familiar?

    1. Press Backspace+F16 to get the "Secret Menu" (not mentioned in the manual)
    2. Format the flash from the "Secret Menu"
    3. Put panel into Sysload mode
    4. Install new firmware with HMI Tools > System Loader
    5. Install HMI program with e-designer

    Sounds easy, dunnit?!

    Bit stumped as to which keys are F1, F2, etc as they're not labelled. There must be default numbering but dunno what they are. Don't suppose you know??

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	E600.gif 
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    Yes that does sound familiar the F1 key is the first one on the left with the small LED above it just below the screen and above the numeric keypad.

    Hope you get this sorted.

    I'm back at work tomorrow I'm sure I made some notes at the time and saved them on my PC if I find anything I will post you a PM on here.


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    Cheers Andy. I have managed to find the attached default key layout, which again is not mentioned in the Mitsubishi manual. I've passed all of this info onto a colleague as I'm on holiday the rest of this week. What's the betting he'll sort it in 10 minutes and make me look a twat? lol
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	E600_key_layout.gif 
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    As long as they sort it that's the main thing just eat humble pie.

    I cannot understand why Mitsubishi don't have a warning on the software telling you that if you proceed you will have problems and also why all the "Hidden" extras.

    Anyway like I say put it down to experience eat the pie and smile!


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    Hi Birchy

    Did you get this sorted, no wonder I was having to rack my brains more than usual the ones we have at work are E300's but the firmware thing and all the hidden menus are the same.



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