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    Fivetide, I am collecting tomorrow and will let you all know how it goes. Martin, this looked like a good buy and is small enough to go in my garage, but has a much working area than than my Wessel (540x450). I had intended to restore/upgrade my two non-working machines, Pacer compact 800 plus (800x800) and the small dahlgren engraver (600x400 ish), but will now probably look to sell these. I may use the Pacer spindle (Perske 750w) on this Isel machine
    if it turns out to be any good. That SCM 120 is now up and running and will hopefully soon start to earn its keep. G.
    Are for some reason I thought the pacer was running meaning you already had 2 working machines at home. No don't use the Perske on it, air cooled & noisy far better off with a water cooled spindle especially as with a bigger bed size it might well be running more hours continuously.

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    Dam it... Missed out again! Great buy... Will have to continue the hunt.

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