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    Collected machine today, looks quite good, but the cast ally "legs" are in fact feet, and the beast has no legs!!! First job will be to make a table/frame for it and then to sort out the electrics. I may use a different controller than the one that came with the machine.I understand that the machine was built using all ISEL components by a company called Unimatics who were I understand one of ISEL's agents at that time, building and selling ISEL machines to schools etc. Looking at ISEL spec sheets, I think that this is basically a stepper version of the flatcom 40.
    Anyway I am very pleased with my purchase to date. G.

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    I have the smaller version of the same machine, working area 300mm x 300mm
    Very good machine and highly accurate and repeatable, mine also had no feet so fitted 4 feet I had kicking around off a X3 milling machine.

    Can get pics if you are interested?
    John S -

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    Thanks John, my machine actually has cast ally feet with rubber pads and fixing holes fitted, but the advert said it had legs. The table size is 1350x1000, so I guess the working area is about 1100x900. I have the original ISEL controller, but no cables. What controller do you use? Tanks again. G.

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    Home made in an old Shuttle PC box, 452 drivers, simple BOB with spindle relay and running Mach 3
    John S -

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    Another ISEL friend!

    I have recently acquired an old Flatcom 40, Flatcom 20 and GFM4433. I have replaced the ISEL drivers with various alternatives - the 40 has Gekko 203v's, the 20 has AM882's and I will hit the GFM with some Gekko 201's pretty soon.

    I have some spare parts kicking around so give me a shout if you need anything - equally, if you have any bits you want to shift give me a shout!

    EDIT: FYI, check inside your control box and really have a good look at the stepper drivers. I was very surprised to see in my Flatcom 20 control box that they had in fact used Gekko 201's that had been painted black and incorporated into an ISEL board. I will be using these to re-fit the GFM machine! I guess ISEL were subbing parts of their control systems to Gekko to save developing their own!
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