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    Saw this on ebay, there has to be a catch!!!!

    cnc router | eBay


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    Quote Originally Posted by alboy View Post
    Saw this on ebay, there has to be a catch!!!!
    "Classified Ad is for a brand new AR6x9 600mm x 900mm desktop router."

    If it seems too good to be true... :))

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    The machines look pretty robust but the Classified Ad puts me off, you don't have any ebay protection (not that helps sometimes). For anyone who's interested I think the best way forward is to visit their workshop, see the machine you are interested in, pay for it, take it away. It may be that they only build to order in which case they might want some cash up front, now that's where the problems start, will you ever get the machine ?. It's a pity to be sceptical because they do sound like reasonable machines but experience tells you certain things need to be in place first i.e. a tangible machine that works. Also there is likely to be VAT on top of that price.


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