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    Thanks for all your help,you have been invaluable to me sharing your knowledge and skills.
    I am now able to get my machine to home and back off when it hits the switches. This is something I could never of done on my own. Now here i go again, How do i set the z axis block height?.
    Your help would be great.

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    Ok sure I can help but need you to clarify what you mean by "z axis block height" .?

    Do you mean to use the Auto tool zero and touch plate.? . . . Or do you mean the Gauge block height in the offsets Tab.?

    Regards the Gauge block height then that's easy, enter the height of the Gauge block you place between the work and tool in the Txt box. (remember to press enter)
    Then when you touch tool on block press the "Set Z" and it will set the Z axis DRO to match the block height meaning Zero will be on the material surface.

    If you want to use the auto tool Zero then that's a bit more involved and will need some code inserting in the "auto tool zero" button script but easy enough to do just I will need to carefully explain so first clarify what you mean before get into this.!!
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    It was the gauge block that i wanted.
    Cheers for that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by meerkat View Post
    It was the gauge block that i wanted.
    Cheers for that.
    Ok but if you have a spare Input then making a touch plate and using "auto tool zero" is very quick and accurate.
    Ounce you have used it you won't want to go back to manual way of doing things.!!

    Let me know if you want to do it and I'll explain what's involved and post some code for you to place in the button script. It's not has difficult or complicated has it sounds so won't blow your mind. . Lol

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    I have seen some things on line about those settings, it would be great if you could guid me through it and tell me what I need.
    Man your a diamond.

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