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    2 more questions before i push the button:

    -Wood box i will do. But how you keep it in the wood box? Horizontal? And if horizontal, laying on its thin side or its flat side? Cause i will make the wood box if it comes without any

    -I live near the seaside so everything rusts. The product i use is called Barricade rust protection for firearms. I treat all machines with it. Its oily and dries quickly in ultra thin film.
    Is it ok? Stainless beveled edges are out of my league/1m i mean/

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    Hi M8
    All our straight edges in the stores where i used to work (VSEL)were laid horizontal on dexion shelving, so not flat by any means. so yes lay it on its flat side. The only problem i can see is in the shipping of your precision gauge if it is not already in a substantial box.

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    Thanks for the info. They would ship it together with flat wood piece for protection, i believe.

    You were right. I get what i pay for :-)

    The Igaging digital protractors came. Hughghghgh. Checked against my new supersquares and even against my ordinary squares, when zeroed on flatish surface and then measured 90 degrees, they show 89.75 or 90.25, depends if you take the measures from inside or outside. Ha ha ha. for 11 euros each, that's all folks. However i played around with them and noticed that the electronics and the dro discs are extremely accurate. The problem comes because they did not drill the axle hole on the right place.

    I thought of throwing them to the bin. Then decided to think deeper. Measured the plates, each is perfect. Then what? Opened them to 180 degrees so both corners touch a flat plane. Zeroed. Closed so again both corners touch a flat plane. Spot on 180 degrees.

    So, i invented a cure. Open them flat to 180 degrees until they are dead flat. Zero. Close them untill shows 180. One edge is not at the same plane compared to the other. Scrape it and repeat until they are spot on. In other words file untill the bolt is where it should be- at the center.

    PS. I couldn't do it. At least for educational purpose opened it to see whats making it tick. Now i get it. Wasnt the problem in the steel axle hole placement. Encoder disc attached to the axle which enters a cavity, like a bearing entering its place. So , plastic in plastic. That means the screws and the plastic construction of the device is the problem. The encoder disc not being in perfect center makes the problem. And as its not a tight fit, it could never be centered.
    Bottom line: You get what you pay for
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    So after spending so much time contemplating, FYI here are the best 3 choices I found in Europe,
    considering price, type of metal, thickness and height and first of all certified precision and usefulness. Forget the list from before!

    Ignored are all shady no brand, rebranded Chinese and similar of unknown origin and non answering for specifications, in other words- trappy ones. Ignored are the mild steel ones which are beveled and the expensive ones

    1. Veritas square aluminum straight edge 36" and 48"

    Probably the best combination of price, precision and weight. Read a review on the net with precision test, it stands better accuracy than stated

    2. Helios-Preisser / made in Germany/ square straight edge DIN 874/2 1000mm / 66 euro with shipping

    The one i bought for now. Best price for what it is. Catalog with prices in English
    Can be bought from here
    I guess i have to live for now with 33microns inaccuracy

    3. Messwelt / Made in Germany beveled knife straight edge. Din 874/0 1000mm 197 euro

    This one rocks!

    In the catalog the price is 340 euro but on their web the price is 197euro which is great, in fact unbeatable by any other, for a darkened, hardened, ground and lapped made from tool steel knife beveled edge.
    Note on their web in the english version is a mistake stating 700mm, when change to German is 1000mm, its at the bottom of the page .

    That would be my next edge. I did not went for the other beveled edges as they were mild steel and the cheapest cost 150 euro with shipping. And that one comes with a box.

    I hope that will help some body who needs one.
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    Just received the 2. Helios-Preisser / made in Germany/ square straight edge DIN 874/2 1000mm / 66 euro with shipping. I am impressed. Perfectly ground and polished with no marks, katana -like. Great deal. Came just with cardboard case but well protected in big cardboard box. I could not be more happy, especially for the money i spend and the quality i received. Made in Germany + Din 874= good choice. I am quite happy i spend so much time making a choice and did not rush to the shady ones. thats all for now. Hope that all this experience will convince DIY guys that its worth spending some money on precise instruments that don't cost arm and leg.

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    Thanks for the update, glad you got a good one

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