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    Hi guys,

    I wondered if one of you kind hearted souls would be prepared to engrave a wood sign for me for a price?

    Dimensions approx. 18" x 4" x (whatever thickness wood you have) engraved/carved with "Fun Fun Fun House..." (Don't ask it's a long story...!!) can be any sort of script (freestyle, brush etc. etc.) whatever you have. Wood doesn't have to be anything special (pine would be fine, but not perhaps MDF as although it's going to be painted it'll be outside) so no teak/oak/mahogany etc.

    If anyone's interested PM me...

    Many thanks,


    Build log...here

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    If not got any takers then let me know and I'll knock you one up.

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    I was doing a search for Iroko on e-bay the other day and there is someone on there doing signs, but Jazz seems like the best option.

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    Hi, Your going to paint over natural wood!!!! shame on you LoL


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    You don't even want to know what colour then Dave!!!

    Build log...here

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    Let me guess!!!! Black?


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    Build log...here

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    Ah!! Red? i did one recently for my self out of marine plywood, did lettering in black and varnished it.

    Nothing flash tho was not done on cnc machine, just router. I got loads of various cuttings in workshop, i could do one for you for free, you could just pay postage. I'll see if i got photo on phone let you see it see what you think!


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    Sent you pm.


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