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    With the fixings to bolt the ballscrew bearings on etc do people tend to loctite these in due to vibration or use spring washers or nothing at all
    Spring washers are my preferred choice.

  2. I do a lot of bonding things together ,think things that pull lots of G's

    Bonding would be a great way to go with some rivets in there also

    Remember aluminium is filthy to glue together ,the same oxide layer that likes to form to stop it corroding regardless you need to etch it and prep and for high end applications actually convert the surface to a different layer substrate, clean it and degrease it scrupulously if you do not have access to acid etch or anodic treatments ,the strongest adhesive is useless if it cannot get purchase on the alloy

    Dabs of glue? bonding rlys on film thickness ,called a bondline dabbing blobs will cause unevenness you need a uniform bed of adhesive ,dont think of it as liquid nails unless your doing your skirting boards

    Also aluminium rivets act as mechanical fuses should your glue decide to divorce itself from the aluminium will not allow you to apply forces that will distort the joint
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    Although the thread is really old, maybe someone is still interested in these theme.
    I used a heatadhesive for aluminium from the german company delo.
    the only disadvantage of the ad. is, you must heat the parts for at least 1/4hr to iirc 150C.
    After that, you can never open the connection.

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