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    Quote Originally Posted by JAZZCNC View Post
    It's looking good Eddy and Massive OTT for DIY thou I'm struggling to find a Limit override.? . . . You'll need this to back off the Limits when tripped.!
    Thanks but surely it's not massively OTT ?. Regarding limits, it's not going to hit the limits

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    Quote Originally Posted by EddyCurrent View Post
    Thanks but surely it's not massively OTT ?.
    IMO and in industry No but Compared to most DIY builds then yes it is OTT.!!. . . . . .Find me another build that's using Brains Etc to watch inputs.? Most don't even have or know what a brain is let alone how to make one control anything..Lol

    Quote Originally Posted by EddyCurrent View Post
    Regarding limits, it's not going to hit the limits
    If small machine I'll give you 2 days Max before you trip a limit. .. Lol

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    Got most of the frame tacked up this week just using small stick welder ready for MIG welding ASAP.
    It's taken 18 metres of 50x50 box section and about 5m of 100x50 box, plus some 50x10 and 30x6 flat bar, the wife is going to struggle getting into the van.
    Pictures to follow shortly I hope.
    It also confirmed something I already knew and that is, the only metal I like playing with is when it's coming through my headphones Name:  dh.jpg
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    The frame so far, don't be zooming in on the bird shite welds, it's holding together fine until I get it to the MIG welder.
    Only bits missing are the two top 100x50 box sections that will carry the rails, these bolt onto the 8 pieces of flat plate and hence adjustable.
    You can see my vast work area, also pic of the spindle.

    Click image for larger version. 

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Name:	frame2.jpg 
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Name:	spindle.jpg 
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    That is looking like one very sturdy frame. Very nice

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    Very nice Eddy

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    I agree, that is a very nice looking frame, in fact this is turning out to be one of the best build threads. The earlier posts discussing the electrical side of the build have been really useful and a great inspiration for my build. I've ordered a lot of my parts from Chalcon as well (good find), I'm just waiting for a larger case as the one I ordered initially was a bit on the small side.

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    Missed this.! . . Coming on nice Eddy. .

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    Looking good Eddy!! This is inspiring me to pull my finger out and get on with my build. I've not done any electrical bits or welding now for weeks as I just don't seem to have the time either at work in breaks or at home


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    You might have read in another thread that I'm having trouble getting my spindle running in Vector Speed mode, I've tried everything so have had to finally contact ABB.
    Also I got the frame moved out of garage to workshop and it reminds me of the time we bought a three seater reclining sofa, it looked just right in the showroom but when we got it home it was as big as a tank so back it went !. Anyway it means I need some structural alteration so I've got the lintels (it's a double skin block wall with cavity) and intend cutting a doorway from the workshop through into the adjoining wood store. This will be 're-purposed', as they say, into a 'consumables and wood' store which will allow a reshuffle of machinery and hence space for the cnc router. It all sounds very grand but the consumables and wood store will only be about 3m x 1.4m
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