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    Selling an unused G540 and accessories. I purchased this with the intention to use with a CNC3040, but for various reasons plans have changed.

    I believe this is pretty much one of the best controllers for multiple users (in this price range). The unit has been fitted with some additional heatsinks (can be seen at the back of the casing). These have been bonded using thermal epoxy (but can be easily removed).

    Comes with:

    Parallel Cable
    4 x Micro Switches
    E-Stop Switch
    Belden Shielded Cable

    250 including P&P to UK (Please ask if you would like posted outside UK)

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Too expensive? Open to offers.....

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    Sent you an offer via PM.

  4. Hi may be interested if still available...have to be cheaper than EBAY though.....

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